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NTSB wants 0.05 to be the standard for DWI

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CNN reported that Washington’s National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is recommending that all 50 states should lower the blood alcohol content rate from .08 to .05.  The NTSB is trying to force the states to expand their laws allowing officers to confiscate a driver’s license when arrested for DWI….Something Texas already does.  NTSB is also… Continue Reading

APD Proposes Cost-Saving Measures

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The Austin Chronicle alerted us that the Austin Police Department is looking at the possibility of opening its own magistration and jail-booking facility and has even begun talks with City Management. Up until 2000-2001, Austin Police ran their own jail at 7th and IH-35, however, APD now contracts with Travis County for this service.  Every few years,… Continue Reading

Austin Police Department Releases the List of Austin’s Top DWI Bars

Posted in Austin DWI, Austin Police, Texas DWI Laws Top 20 DWI bars are: Kung Fu Saloon (23 Arrests) J Black’s (17 Arrests) Rain (15 Arrests) The Ranch (14 Arrests) Molotov (13 Arrests) Thirsty Nickel (13 Arrests) Oilcan Harry’s (12 Arrests) Sherlock’s Baker St (11 Arrests) Blind Pig Pub (10 Arrests) Key Bar (10 Arrests) Shakespeares (10 Arrests) The Yellow Rose (10 Arrests)… Continue Reading

DWI Probation Program

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San Antonio Express News ran a report last week of a Tarrant County DWI probation program called Felony Alcohol Intervention Project. It is designed for offenders with three or more DWIs.  This program these repeat offenders to accept a “plea bargain for a seven-year prison sentence that is probated to four years.  The goal of… Continue Reading

Driver Responsibility Program Repealed?

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The Texas Tribune reported this week that state lawmakers are considering eliminating the Driver Responsibility Program that was created in 2003 “to generate money and discourage unsafe driving.” The program tacks on a surcharge to drivers who get ticketed for various moving violations like driving while intoxicated, driving without insurance and driving without a license. Since inception,… Continue Reading

Random Boat Stops and the 4th Amendment

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§ 31.124 of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Code states, “an enforcement officer may stop and board a vessel . . . and may inspect the boat” to determine whether it is in compliance with the various provisions of the Code.   What this means for the average lake-goer is that an officer has the… Continue Reading