Starting September 1, 2013, the number of individuals that will be authorize to take blood samples from people accused of DWI will increase. The Legislature has amended the Transportation Code Section 7.24.017 to include Emergency Medical Technicians. Up until now, only licensed physicians, qualified nurses, technicians or chemists were allowed to draw blood. Currently, Emergency Medical Technicians are not allowed to draw blood from DWI suspects. 

Now that the law is changing, blood will more likely be taken on the roadside. Also, there are quite a few police officers that are EMTs. This will likely be used as justification for the police officers to start drawing blood again in some jurisdictions. Fortunately, there hasn’t been a big push for that here in Travis County. 

Blood cases are not like regular DWIs. They are more scientific and more complicated than a regular DWI. As such, it is important to retain an attorney that understands the science and procedures that are involved with Blood Draw DWIs.