CNN reported that Washington’s National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is recommending that all 50 states should lower the blood alcohol content rate from .08 to .05.  The NTSB is trying to force the states to expand their laws allowing officers to confiscate a driver’s license when arrested for DWI….Something Texas already does.  NTSB is also trying to get ALL states to require ignition locks (IID) on all first-time offenders. 


As I have previously stated, requiring IID on ALL drivers takes the subjectivity away from the Judges, and instead places the IID decision making on the legislature.  The Judge, who has full knowledge of the facts, should be the one that make the decision as to whether it is in everyone’s best interest that IID be required.  While nearly all states grapple with shrinking budgets, NTSB is expected to recommend to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that it provide financial incentives to states to implement the changes. 


Really, this is just another “feel good” approach to fighting DWIs.  The number of folks that test between .05 and .08 is so small, that it will likely have little effect. 


However, with the margin of error, measuring smaller and smaller amounts will become more and more unreliable.