Top 20 DWI bars are:

  1. Kung Fu Saloon (23 Arrests)
  2. J Black’s (17 Arrests)
  3. Rain (15 Arrests)
  4. The Ranch (14 Arrests)
  5. Molotov (13 Arrests)
  6. Thirsty Nickel (13 Arrests)
  7. Oilcan Harry’s (12 Arrests)
  8. Sherlock’s Baker St (11 Arrests)
  9. Blind Pig Pub (10 Arrests)
  10. Key Bar (10 Arrests)
  11. Shakespeares (10 Arrests)
  12. The Yellow Rose (10 Arrests)
  13. Kiss & Fly (9 Arrests)
  14. Antones (7 Arrests)
  15. Cedar Street (4 Arrests)
  16. Dizzy Rooster (7 Arrests)
  17. Dogwood (7 Arrests)
  18. Third Base (7 Arrests)
  19. Weirdos (4 Arrests)
  20. 512 Bar (6 Arrests); Barbarella (6 Arrests); Barcelona (6 Arrests); Chuggin Monkey (6 Arrests); Jackalope (6 Arrests); La Preferida (6 Arrests); Lavaca Street Bar (6 Arrests); Parish (6 Arrests) (these bars tied for #20)

It is no coincidence that four of the top five bars are on or near West 6th street. The DWI Task Force Officers often sit right in front of GSD&M on 6th Street, and catch folks speeding towards Mopac.

While APD says that it uses this compiled list to decide where to put its Officers, it really is the chicken and the egg story. The question is, “Do they make more arrests because the officers are on 6th Street, or are there more officers on 6th Street, because that is where the DWIs are?”

The other wildcard in all of this is that most officers only ask “Where have you been drinking?” For all we know, they could have gone to that bar first, and only had one drink, and then moved on to somewhere else. This list is hardly statistically reliable to say the least. It makes for good publicity for APD, but I dare say, it has little value past that.